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Our treatment is integrated, meaning that we offer a combination of psychotherapy, parent guidance, and medication management. Even when we are not providing the therapy ourselves, we collaborate care with psychotherapists and schools. In a mental health system that is fragmented, we do our best to integrate care with comprehensive services and optimal communication.


A psychiatrist who calls you back! We understand that psychiatric issues can shake a family to its core. You're worried about your child and you want to know that you can reach your doctor when you need to. We strive to provide a very high level of support in addition to excellent clinical care. Our goal is to return every message the same day or at the most within one business day. We even offer a HIPAA-compliant texting platform to allow for quicker response time.


We believe in an open and transparent dialogue about our treatments. We welcome questions and even challenges to our recommendations, as we find that an open discussion of our rationale provides for a deeper and more fulfilling treatment relationship and better results. No prescriptions without explanations: You'll come away understanding our recommendations, the timeline for treatment, and the path forward toward graduating from treatment and moving on with life.

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