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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most common mental disorders affecting children and many adults. An estimated 8.4% of children and 2.5% of adults have ADHD, according to the American Psychiatric Association. ADHD is typically first identified in school-aged children who cause disruption in the classroom or experience problems doing schoolwork. ADHD is more common in boys than girls.

There are three types of ADHD: inattentive type, hyperactive/impulsive type, or combined type. The diagnosis will be based on symptoms that have occurred over the previous six months.

Common ADHD Symptoms

Symptoms of ADHD include inattention, inability to keep focus, hyperactivity or excess movement in the wrong settings, and impulsivity or hasty acts that occur without thought.

Many ADHD symptoms – high activity levels, difficulty remaining still, and limited attention spans – are common among young children in general. However, children with ADHD have hyperactivity and inattention that causes distress and problems functioning at home, at school, or with friends.

ADHD Treatment

At The Center for Developmental Psychiatry, you’ll find that our staff can help your child with behavioral therapy and medication to improve the symptoms of ADHD. We will assess your child and create an appropriate ADHD treatment plan.

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